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One of my greatest satisfactions is sharing my years of clinical experience with the public and other mental health professionals. I am available for consultation and supervision as well as training and education in any of my specialty areas. I have also developed several PowerPoint presentations that can be tailored to any group. Here are some examples:

Deconstructing Gender: An Introduction to the Transgender Experience

This presentation is an enlightening overview of the many different ways that people experience and express their gender identity. It covers the development of gender variance in children and adults, treatment models for gender dysphoria, and insights into the transition process for people preparing for a gender change.

From Tropical Tidal Waves to Frozen Tundra: The Landscape of Grief and Loss

This is a powerful presentation that uses images as well as a didactic format to convey the depth and breadth of the human experience of grief and loss. It provides an in-depth understanding of the process of grief and the variety of natural responses to loss, as well as ways of coping with loss and facilitating the grief process.

Complicated Grief: The Unrequited Sorrow

Complicated Grief is a unique clinical condition that can be differentiated from Major Depression, PTSD, and other mood disorders. It has been identified as a separate factor contributing to psychiatric hospitalizations, suicide, increased health risk, and use of outpatient mental health services. This presentation covers the causes of/risk factors for complicated grief, how to recognize its unique features, and some of the ways to help those who suffer from it.

Holistic Psychotherapy: the Postmodern Gestalt

More and more clients and clinicians are becoming interested in the ways that mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are interconnected. There is also a rapidly growing body of research in this area. This workshop covers the scope of holistic psychology, its roots and origins, and how research in areas such as behavioral medicine, psychoneuroimmunolgy, “heart health”, meditation and mindfulness, and end-of-life care can be integrated into a holistic perspective.

These presentations are best appreciated in a 3 hour format, but can be modified for your time constraints. Please contact me for current speaking fees.

Recent Presentations:

Power, Privilege, and Possibility: Justice and Sexuality in the Therapy Relationship

Panel presenter at the NH Pastoral Psychotherapists Symposium
September 28, 2012, Bedford, NH

Introduction to the Transgender Experience for IFS Therapists

co-presented with Debra and Leslie Fabian
June 2, 2012, Watertown Square, MA

Gender Diversity in the 21st Century: Varieties of Transgender Experience

Beyond the Comfort Zone: The 2012 Diversity Experience Casey Family Services Conference
May 9, 2012, Manchester, NH

Loving All Our Neighbors: Welcoming People of All Gender Identities and Expressions

co-presentws with Leanne Tigert, DMin. at Havenwood-Heritage Heights CPE Alumni Event
April 25th, 2012 Concord, NH

A Narrative Analysis of Psychology's Misconstruction of Gender Diversity

TRANSECTING SOCIETY: Critical Dialogues on Transsexual/Transgender Identities in Politics, Media, Activism and Culture
April 12, 2012, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

The Hero's Journey: Finding Meaning in Your Mythic Story

First Event Transgender Conference
January 20, 2012, Peabody, MA

MHCGM Grand Rounds: Working Respectfully with Transgender Clients: What Every Clinician Needs to Know

March 23, 2011, Manchester, NH


Anne's presentation was excellent, but I want more. Anne's knowledge, experience, humor, and approachability make a special "package."

Pat, participant at Introduction to the Transgender Experience for IFS Clinicians

"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us last week at our annual psychiatric nursing conference. We consistently heard from the participants how much they were enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for helping to make it such a success!!"

Amy Guthrie, MS, RN, CAGS
Director, Continuing Education
Saint Anselm College

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