Creativity Coaching

We are all creative beings, whether we know it or not! Whether you express yourself by painting landscapes, decorating a cake, designing a home with Feng Shui, writing fiction or nonfiction, or cooking the most amazing meal you are being uniquely creative. People naturally express who they are through creative pursuits, ideas and expression. We all have the potential to create great work in one area or another, and yet we can all experience blocks to expressing that potential.

Creativity Coaching is a form of life coaching that helps artists, writers and others make progress in their creative endeavors. Its purpose is to remove blocks, explore authentic passion and inspire enthusiasm in all areas of creative work. Recently I noticed that several people with whom I'd had deep conversations about their artistic calling had used my advice and made great strides in their life work. Then I took a promotional teleclass on creativity coaching and realized that I already do all that they teach, and more. With my experience and training as an artist, psychotherapist and spiritual director I am uniquely suited to "midwife" the creative spirit in others.

Creativity coaching is not therapy, and is not billed to insurance. It is geared to creative souls who feel passionate about filling their lives with the artistic expression of who they truly are. Making our lives meaningful through personal creative expressions, ideas, and beliefs is the purpose and goal of creativity coaching. As a creativity coach I can help you tap into your creative spirit and make choices that will empower your life to be the creation YOU want it to be.

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