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Professional Interests: I have a special interest in grief counseling, spirituality, expressive art therapy, the Enneagram, women's issues, sexuality, LGBTQIA concerns, and adult development and aging. I enjoy working with clients of all ages on life transitions and personal growth and transformation. I am an artist, spiritual director and experienced workshop and retreat leader as well as psychotherapist.

My theoretical orientation can best be described as humanistic and holistic. Humanistic psychology is based on a strong faith in human potential, trusting that people come to therapy already possessing much of the strength and wisdom they need. A holistic perspective considers the whole person - mind and body, heart and soul.

My therapeutic approach is eclectic and pragmatic. I use many different therapeutic techniques and strategies, choosing and combining based on what I think will be best for each client. Sometimes that means a focus on behavior, sometimes an examination of negative beliefs, and sometimes an exploration of family history. I am also practical and realistic. I have little interest in solutions, no matter how clever, that won't work in your life.

My style as a therapist is active and direct. Although I will often ask what you think about something, I will also tell you what I think about it. I don't just sit and listen - I also give feedback and suggestions. And at times I will ask difficult questions. Thinking about your situation in new ways is the beginning of real change.

My personal philosophy: I am committed to providing the highest quality psychological services to each and every client. I accept clients without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. I greet every new client with an open mind and a compassionate heart.

Education: I received a Doctorate in Human Development from the Pennsylvania State University in 1978, with a minor in Clinical Psychology and concentrations in Women's Adult Development and Transpersonal Psychology. I completed my postdoctoral training at the University of Texas at Austin Counseling/Psychological Services Center and Naropa University. I have attended at least 20 hours of Continuing Education every year since 1980. I have had advanced training in Solution-Oriented Psychotherapy, Spiritual Direction and an expressive art process called SoulCollage®.

Experience: I have been in private practice in the Concord area since 1981, providing primarily individual and couples therapy. I have taught at many local colleges, and have provided counseling and consultation in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. I have given presentations and workshops in the areas of sexuality and sex education, gender variance, aging and mental health, grief and loss, professional practice, and spirituality and art. I have experience in expressive art and spiritual direction and have led numerous retreats.

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